Jun 25, 2010

Drinkers Music and Scene: Bakasyon Painum (Vacation Drinking)

Here is another of our favorite Drinking Sessions uploaded via YouTube. When we are drinking most of the time there would be endless talks, flashbacks, singing, jokes and well people tend to really be open when they are drank.

Drinkers Music and Scene: Kapampangan Inuman

Here is another video for our Drinkers Music and Scene to the background of a Kapampangan Song. The man in the video drinks 4 red horse straight up one after the other. Here is the video and share us your comments.

Empraning: The Emperador Spirit

If you want to drink and want to have a good hangover then you should choose Emperador Brandy. Despite the claims that Emperador is a light drink and has no hangover, the fact is Emperador is well known for being a "hangover master". That is the reason why this drink is called by many as "Empraning." In Filipino, "praning" means paranoid.

Lambanog: One of the Best Liquors in the Philippines

Lambanog is perhaps one of the best wine and liquor that I have ever tasted. Being from Quezon province I am proud of this liquor which is 100% natural and does not include any chemical ingredients. It is 90-95 proof spirit that originates from the sap of the unopened coconut flower and cost only around P73 (US$1.60) per 1.5Liters. It is usually placed in a gallon or in the plastic container used for soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Jul 21, 2009

Cleanliness and Patience in Winemaking

Winemaking can be an extremely satisfying activity and hobby with a wonderful end result that also makes for wonderful gifts. If you have already experimented with brewing ales and beers you may already be familiar with many of the steps associated with the process of making wine. Winemaking is generally the next step for many home brewers.If you have already done some brewing at home, you probably already own much of the equipment that is required and are familiar with the patience and cleanliness that are required in the process.

Jul 17, 2009

Tanduay Ice: A Blend of Cali and Tanduay

Have you tasted Tanduay Ice yet? It is just like the plain softdrinks and cola that is very usual. It has no sting which is the classic feature of Tanduay. Tanduay is in fact a brandy which I have always refused to drink because they say that it is more like plastic but when I have the chance to get a drink of Tanduay Ice it was different. If you remember Cali Shandy which had been quite popular among students then you are looking of such a similarity with this new brand from Tanduay.

Jun 12, 2009

Drinkers Music and Scene: Reunion ng Barkada 2008

Kapag nakakainom talaga lumalakas ang loob natin na kumanta kahit pa sintonado na at wala ng pakialam kung anuman ang sabihin ng iba. Once again here is a video from the vaults of YouTube on the drinking excapades of our fellow Filipinos. It is not bad to drink just be safe and keep it moderate.